fin. (part 1)

I am back in Ottawa. I am stupidly tired. I am, however, still running on Beijing/China time, and doing mental time conversions, thinking that Van is -15 hrs from me. I am also running on China temperatures, so when the thermostat says 26C in my house, I am wearing long pants and a light fleece. I have so much to say and so little time to say it.

I have a very long to-do-list and very little time to do it in.

And I spent all of today either sleeping or talking to my mom. It was good times. But tomorrow... tomorrow, the old nose-to-grindstone thing starts up. I promise I'll finish this eventually, and the photos will come soon (there will be a LOT of 'making with the Flickr', trust me). But sleep, sweet sleep, calls first. G'nite dear kittens, it's been a beautiful adventure, and no matter my rants along the way, I say only one thing, for now:

I want to go back. :)

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candidia said...

And I have one thing to say back.. Take me with you!

If feasible, and all that of course, but.. wow =) Sounds like you had a wonderful adventure.